Maharashtra State Branch, Indian Radiological & Imaging Association (IRIA)

Best rates of these agencies is listed below, as special rate for MSBIRIA Members
Please note that the AERB CERTIFICATION is to be renewed every 5 years.
Machine Calibration testing through these agencies is every 2 years
Machine Calibration Testing throught these agencies for NABH Hospitals is every 1 year.
Please note that you should not be charged beyond these rates for the calibration. Logistic charges of travel etc may be applicable - however if rates above these are charged, you may please contact the office.

Please contact them directly.

Hiya Medical Systems

contact person: Manoj Patel


Quality Assurance test very effective rate are mention below

Mobil X-ray machine: 3,500.00,

X-ray machine Fix: 4,500.00,

OPG X-ray machine: 4,000.00,

CB CT Machine: 5,000.00

Dental X-ray machine: 3,000.00,

Mammography machine: 5,000.00

CT scan Machine: 8,000.00

BMD Machine: 3,000.00


Renentech Laboratories Pvt Ltd

Contact Person:Prashant Jakhete

C-106 Synthofine Industrial Estate
Off Aarey Road, Goregaon East Mumbai - 400063, India
Tel / Fax : 022 40037474
Website :


Call for rates across Maharashtra*


Radiological Precision Labs (India) Pvt. Ltd

Service Coordinator: Chitra K.
AERB Authorised

Mobile: 7709457167

Landline: +91-250-6012109


Omega Biomedical Services,

28, Oasis Industrial Estate,
Vakola Masjid
Santacruz (E)
Mumbai 400055

Contact No. ?0 98331 70025?

1. CT scan: Rs. 8,000/-
2. Interventional Radiology, Fixed Xrays, Mammography: Rs. 6,000/-
3. C-arms & portable xrays: Rs. 3,000/-

Terms & Conditions:

Above charges include radiation protection survey to applicable radiology modality.

Additional survey if required will be charged at Rs. 2,500/- per unit.

Above charges are excluding service tax and applicable within Mumbai, Thane & New Mumbai.

Within 200kms of Mumbai additional Rs. 2,500/- per day will be charged towards traveling and other expenses such as lodging & boarding.

Beyond 200kms site Road/Railway tickets will be charged at actuals along with Rs. 2,500/-.

QA for CT scans and Cathlab may require service support from respective company's service engineer to access service menu.

Schnell Medical Services

Gopi Cine Mall
217,2nd Floor
NSS Road
Dombivli (W)
Thane - 421202

AERB and IRIA (MSBIRIA) have held joint meetings on the proposed guidelines for XRay Centres, CT Scan Centres. An MoM has been created between AERB Board and MSBIRIA members of the meeting that was held. The link to the ELORA site You may directly contact the board if you have further queries

Information for Owners

What the personnel (doctors, radiographers) who are operating the equipment need to know:

  1. Always operate the unit from the control room or standing behind the Mobile Protective Barrier (1.5 mm lead equivalent) or fixed protective barrier (such as a wall).
  2. Always use the TLD at chest level while X-ray unit is being operated.
  3. In the absence of Protective Barrier (such as operating Mobile X-ray equipment) always use Lead apron (0.25 mm lead equivalent) and wear TLD below the apron.
  4. Always use collimator (diaphragm) to limit the field size to the area of interest in order to minimize the radiation exposure to other organs.
  5. While operating mobile X-ray equipment, operate from a minimum distance of 2m from the equipment by stretching the connecting wire and don't allow anybody to be nearby.
  6. In no case, except patient anybody shall come in the direction of the primary beam.
  7. Ensure that Lead apron is worn by the person assisting an infirm patient during exposure.
  8. Portable x-ray equipment shall always be positioned on a stand and not to be held in hand during exposure.
  9. For mobile and portable X-ray equipments, cassette shall not be held in hand by any person.
  10. Unless necessary use of bucky should be avoided.
  11. During X-ray examinations of pregnant woman, abdomen must be covered with minimum 0.25 mm lead equivalent apron.
  12. Avoid crowding of patients/relatives/ staff inside the X-ray room.
  13. X-ray room door (lead lined with 1.7 mm lead equivalent) should be closed during exposure.

Information for Patients/ Public

  1. Get X-ray examination done only in hospitals/facilities having registration from AERB.
  2. Do not crowd the room where X-ray is taken. Wait for your turn.
  3. Co-operate with the radiographer, to avoid repeat X-ray examination.
  4. Always wear a lead apron, if you need to assist the patient during X-ray examination. In no case pregnant woman should assist the patient during exposure.
  5. Female patient, if pregnant, must inform the radiographer so that necessary precaution can be taken during X-ray examination.
  6. Carry your old X-ray/CT records.