Maharashtra State Branch, Indian Radiological & Imaging Association (IRIA)


MUMBAI 400072

The meeting was adjourned for 15 minutes due to lack of quorum. After 15 minutes, the house reassembled and the meeting started. Members present were requested to sign in the register for attendance & voting.


  1. Welcome address by Chairman


Dr Suresh Chandak, President MSBIRIA welcomed the house, and then asked Dr Sanjeev Mani, Secretary, MSBIRIA to proceed with the agenda of the meeting.

  1. Confirmation of minutes of last General Body meeting of MSBIRIA.

    Dr Sanjeev Mani read out the minutes of the last meeting and the House passed the minutes unanimously.
    Proposed by: Dr Iqbal Minne
    Seconded by: Dr Hemal Maniar
  2. Election of Office Bearers of MSBIRIA.

    This was conducted by Dr Sanjeev Mani, Secretary for the post of Executive Council Members. Dr Sandeep Bayani who was standing for post of Central Council member withdrew on day of election, and gave a written request of withdrawal. So, the remaining 4 candidates were taken as elected unopposed, and just State Council election was held. A total of 218 votes were cast, and one was invalid. Based on the counting under supervision of Dr Suresh Saboo, and Dr Shailendra Singh, both past presidents, the following members of State Council Member were elected, and entire team elected is as follows:


Serial No.


Elected Candidate



Sailesh Kore


Vice President

Sandeep Kavthale & Gururaj Lachyan



Anirudha Kulkarni


Central Council Member (4 posts)

Sona Pungavkar, Vijay Barve, Harish Chandak, Iqbal Minne


State Council Member (6 posts)

Prashant Patil, Hemal Maniar, Sailesh Sangani, Sanjay Desale, Ulhas Mahajan, & Pravin Sagole


Nominated: Jt. Secretry (2)

Girish Dhadwad & Sandeep Pansare

The house approved the election results unanimously.
Proposed by: Om Prakash Bhangdiya
Seconded by: Shailendra Singh

  1. Adoption of accounts

Dr Samir Gandhi Treasurer read out the accounts of 2015-16, and stated the payments given for drought relief and Anjuman Islam Trust for Beti Bachao campaign. He stated that Rs 20 Lakhs are in Fixed Deposit at the moment. The house passed the accounts unanimously.
Proposed by: Hemal Maniar
Seconded by: Prashant Patil

  1. Adoption of budget for the year 2017-18

    Dr Sanjeev Mani stated the budget required for AOCR, and Ultrafest. The approximate estimate of the net profit would be calculated by end of the year, and approximate 50 Lakhs proft expected
    Proposed by Dr Shailendra Singh
    Seconded by: Dr Jignesh Thakker

  2. Appointment of Auditors for 2016-17

    It was decided to appoint Kanekar & Co to continue for next financial year as all office bearers were satisfied with the company.
    Proposed by: Sandeep Nyayanirgune
    Seconded by: Samir Gandhi
  3. Annual Report of State Branch for the year 2016-17

    Annual reports were read out by all city chapters that included Sailesh Sangani, Hemal Maniar, Gururaj Lachyan, Sandeep Pansare, Pravin Sagole, Iqbal Minne.
  4. Annual Report of City Chapters of MSBIRIA for the year 2016-17.
  5. Amendments to the MSBIRIA constitution.


Following changes were proposed by the MSBIRIA State Committee in their executive meeting dated 04-12-2016 and have been put forward for amendments:


a)     Addition of office bearer “PRESIDENT ELECT” to the STATE CHAPTER OFFICE BEARER’S COMMITTEE.

The point was debated and then put to vote. The house approved the amendment unanimously, by more than 2/3 rds majority
Proposed by: Sandeep Kavthale
Seconded by: Sailesh Kore

b)    E-Voting to be introduced from the next Election (the year 2018).

The point was debated for long. Dr Samir Gandhi stated about recurring costs regards the process. Dr Sanjeev Mani urged city chapters to be more pro active in conducting the collection of email and mobile data. Dr Pramod Loniker then stated that only e voting would not be possible, and a combination of e voting and ballot papers would have to be done. The final decision was made to introduce e voting in next election alongside physical/ ballot papers. This motion was put to vote, and the house passed it unanimously.

Proposed by: Sailesh Sangani
Seconded by: Sandeep Biyani

Changes as requested by Central Office IRIA as duties of the Secretary and President of MSBIRIA:

a)         Intimate the members about the events/activities or important information about the activities of the state chapter and IRIA HQ.


b)         Solve the problems of members related to PNDT, AERB, Trade etc.

 c)        Collect mailing data of members including mobile numbers and email id and send to IRIA HQ for updating the records of membership.


d)        To check the status of Provisional Life Membership of the state chapter and ask those Provisional Life members to send self attested copy of their PG degree/diploma to IRIA HQ to convert their membership to Life Membership.


e)         To conduct the election of the office bearers in the state chapter in time as per constitution of IRIA and intimate the results of new elected office bearers to all the members of the state chapter.

Above points were read and was put to vote. The entire house approved unanimiously, and the motion was passed (Approved)

Proposed by: Anirudha Kulkarni
Seconded by : Girish Dhadwad


  1. To approve the names of two Joint Secretaries- one of whom shall be nominated by President and and other shall be nominated by Secretary of MSBIRIA.
    Jt Secretaries proposed were Dr Sandeep Pansare & Dr Girish Dhadwad (all election results were approved as mentioned above in Agenda 3)


  1. Any other point with permission of the Chair

    a) Dr Sanjeev Mani mentioned that MSBIRIA office had received papers for formation of Kalyan city chapter of MSBIRIA with 39 signatories. The house approved the formation of the chapter.
    Proposed by: Sanjeev Mani
    Seconded by: Suresh Chandak

    b) Dr Samir Gandhi raised the issue about City Chapters having their own pan cards. After a long debate it was decided that City Chapters should submit their accounts in time, under the MSBIRIA pan card; if they conduct activities under any other pan card/ organization, then they cannot use the name of IRIA/ MSBIRIA or the logo, nor can solicit any activities under the name of the parent organization (MSBIRIA). Dr Sanjeev Mani stated that new committee would need to keep a watch on the same, and collect accounts of all city chapters that are actively conducting events under parent organization, as advised by the CA, Kanekar & Co.
    Proposed by: Dr Samir Gandhi
    Seconded by: Dr Lalesh Nahata

    c) Dr Sanjeev Mani pointed out that elections of City Chapters should be completed by March 31 with following posts: President (1), Vice President (2), Secretary (1), Joint Secretary (2) and Treasurer (1) only. No other posts are to be created or made under City Chapter. The people assigned for the above posts will carry out duties of the City Chapter.

    d) Dr Sandeep Kavthale put forward the request of Solpaur City Chapter of MSBIRIA to conduct the annual state CME. Dr Vaibhav Meru can forward for the same. The house was asked the question whether anyone had any objection or other venue to propose, as there was no objection, it was passed unanimously.
    Proposed by: Dr Sandeep Kavthale
    Seconded by: Dr Pravin Sagole

    e) Dr Sona Pungavkar proposed the name of Dr Mukund Joshi for Life time achievement award from MSBIRIA. After a short discussion, it was proposed to nominate Dr Mukund Joshi’s name to IRIA for the Lifetime Achievement award.
    Proposed by: Dr Sona Pungavkar
    Seconded by: Dr Jignesh Thakker

    f) Dr Viren Kulkarni requested for information on PNDT issues plaguing the state since last one year, and about notifications that should be received by State Representative Dr Jaydeep Gandhi. Dr Samir Gandhi stated that no specific notifications were coming directly to Dr Jaydeep Gandhi, and whatever came was sent to committee. Plan to make new PNDT committee was discussed, and newly appointed committee would be doing the same.

    g) Discussion of status of SOPs done. Dr Samir Gandhi & Dr Pradeep Onkar were in charge of the SOPs and they have been submitted to the state Govt for approval and implementation in December; repeated mails have been sent to the State Govt and PNDT offices every month regarding status. Dr Anirudha Kulkarni stated that the matter will be taken up to complete the process.

    h) Dr Iqbal Minne informed the house about the Rajendra Rao CME that will be held in October 27-28, 2017 at Aurangabad and invited all members to attend.


An extra ordinary GBM was held after 45 minutes after the present meeting and the proposed amendments were read, confirmed and passed by the present members unanimously.
Proposed by: Anirudha Kulkarni                       seconded by: Sailesh Kore

Dr Suresh Chandak thanked everyone for coming to the meeting, and wished the next team for their term.
The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks


(Dr Sanjeev Mani, MD)                      (Dr. Suresh Chandak)
Hon. Secretary, MSBIRIA                       President, MSBIRIA




The year for MSBIRIA began with elections held in March 2016, in which Dr Suresh Chandak was elected President in 2016. The 8th Annual Ultrafest was held at JW Sahar Marriott, Mumbai, from April 21-23, 2016 with international faculty such as Dr Anne Kennedy & Dr Bruce Fornage from USA, with 950 delegates registering for this landmark event. 
To give relief to drought areas, a total of Rs 7 Lakhs was contributed by MSBIRIA for Beed and Nagar districts in Maharashtra, where Dr Sudhir Hirve and Dr Suhas Ghule took the initiative to help the projects supported by MSBIRIA towards completion.
MSBIRIA also inaugurated their new office at Crescent Business Square, that has been purchased outright, and has a carpet area of 500 + sq. feet. 
The ICRI Gyan P Lal CME was held in Thane on 18-19 June, 2016 with the emphasis on Musculoskeletal Imaging, and featured lectures by eminent National Faculty over the 2 days, and was attended by more than 200 delegates. 
June 2016 saw MSBIRIA resort to a shutdown of Radiology services across the state to protest against the harsh implementation of the PCPNDT Act. The shutdown ended with a meeting with the Hon' Chief Minister Shri Devendra Phadnavis who agreed to formation of SOP for AA and Radiologists for smooth implementation. MSBIRIA appointed Dr Samir Gandhi & Dr Prashant Onkar for its formation and after a series of meetings with the State Health Officials, the SOPs were agreed to and submitted in November 2016 for finalization and implementation.
July 2016 saw a CME being conducted at Nagpur where Dr Kishor Taori was felicitated by the President Dr Suresh Chandak & Past President Dr Jignesh Thakker for his services to MSBIRIA
IREP was held at Pune, on September 3-4, by MSBIRIA hosted locally by the PCMC City Chapter, under Organising Secretaries Dr Sandeep Pansare &  Dr Sachin Patil, saw more than 200 residents participate in the event. 
A Rs 2.5 Lakhs donation was made by MSBIRIA to Dr Zahir Kazi for the Anjuman Islam Trust Foundation for Girl Child Education.
The State Annual Conference was held at Latur in October 2016, with Dr Sandeep Kavthale as local organizing secretary. This event was well attended by 400 delegates and featured lectures from eminent National Faculty.
MSBIRIA has signed up a profit sharing scheme with MediTube to display online lectures and payments will come to Speaker and MSBIRIA. Most lectures of ultrafest, CT fest and Latur state conference will be up on Meditube.
RPL- First ever Cricket Tournament was held at Mhatre Sports Club Juhu on 19th Feb. 8 teams participated in it: Kalyan Kings & Lions, Thane Tigers, Mumbai Dons, Aurangabad Dashers, Navi Mumbai Raigad Riders, Nashik Warriors, and PCMC Blasters. Aurangabad Dashers won the tournament beating NM Raigad Riders in a nail biting final by 2 runs.
A total of 330 new members were registered as members. Member strength has now crossed 2000.

Since April, we have started giving a Welcome Kit to all members in the form of a letter and welcome gift of a tie for men/ scarf for women with the MSBIRIA logo on it.

MSBIRIA has applied for Trade Mark of the name ULTRAFEST under MSBIRIA.
MSBIRIA has also formed a core committee for AOCR 2018, and is working towards creating a complete conference experience for all IRIA delegates. The registration for this event will start at the Jaipur 2017.
Thank you
Dr Sanjeev Mani